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What We Offer 

In addition to traditional forms of therapy, we also offer more specialized modalities to make the most of your therapeutic experience. 


When traumatic events occur, the memories can get stuck in our short term memory causing continued distress that can impact our life for years. 

Through the use of bilateral stimulation, EMDR helps to reprocess those traumatic events and move them from the short term to the long term memory, alleviating the distress associated with the event. 


Animal Assisted Therapy 

Therapy can be scary for people of all ages. A therapy dog can help ease that fear. Therapy dogs are used in many settings to assist with emotional regulation, elevate mood, and promote a relaxed environment. Ryker is our resident therapy dog and will always be excited to greet you at the door!



Mindfulness is the ability is to be fully present in the moment we are in without judgment, without reacting, without being overwhelmed. This type of meditation involves breathing exercises, guided imagery, and progressive body muscle relaxation. It can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood. 

Group Education 

Our education groups cover a variety of needs  . Contact us for more information.

Thrive the Day 

What happens when your passion for helping animals takes away your passion for life? Compassion fatigue in the Veterinary and animal welfare fields does not get the attention it deserves. This workshop is designed to help animal care professionals learn to go beyond surviving the day by thriving the day. 

When the Boots Come Off


The transition from military life to civilian life can be a difficult one. Loss of identify, difficulty adjusting, uncertainties about the future. This workshop will help prepare military families  for what happens when the boots come off and life continues on.

Life After the Rainbow Bridge


The loss of a pet can be devastating.The  grief that is felt can be more than when a human dies. This workshop is designed help those who have said goodbye to their furry friends understand their grief and live life after the rainbow bridge.

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